How to Get a Custom Home Builder to Install the Metal Roof You Want

How do you get your custom home builder to select the metal roof you want, and how can you help set your project up for success?

Although metal roofing is becoming more popular each year, not all custom home builders have experience designing and working with standing seam metal. Today on The Metal Roofing Channel, Stephen Davis from Sheffield Metals joins Thad Barnette to discuss how to work with your custom home builder to select both the metal roof you want and the right roof for your location and building design.

Topics covered:

  • How can homeowners specify the roof they want to their builder? 0:28
  • What should you do during the early design phase? 2:20
  • How do you get your builder to change a spec? 3:21
  • What other architectural help can Sheffield provide? 4:41
  • How do you approach an HOA about your metal roof? 7:23

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