Should You Get a Copper Metal Roof? Aesthetics, Cost, Installation

Copper metal roofing has a distinct and classic look, but is it a good choice for your metal roofing project?

Copper is one of the oldest metal roofing materials on the market. It has a unique look both at the time of install and as it weathers throughout the years. In today’s Q&A Monday, Josh Spence from MetalTech Global joins Thad Barnette to explore what you should know about copper roofing if you’re considering it for your project. They discuss its patina, price compared to other materials, installation requirements, and more.

Topics covered:

  • How is copper used for metal roofing? 0:28
  • What are the benefits of copper roofing? 0:51
  • What is the price of copper compared to other metals? 1:52
  • Are their alternatives to copper? 2:35
  • What special installation requirements does copper have? 3:23
  • How does the durability of copper compare to other materials? 4:44
  • What are some other downsides of copper? 5:02
  • Is there any maintenance for a copper roof? 5:58

Are specialty metals worth the price vs. more common roofing materials like steel and aluminum?