How does Metal Roof Paint Wear Out? Chalking and Fading

Adam Mazzella and Julianne Calapa return with Thad Barnette to host this episode of Q&A Mondays. Today’s special guest is Rob Haddock from S-5!® and the Metal Roof Advisory Group. The conversation goes into detail about the different degradation/failure modes of paint. What are they? What causes them? How do you deal with them?

Topics covered:
►What is chalking and fading? 2:34
►How long do factory paint finishes last on metal roofing? 4:04
►How does the environment affect pigment and resin? 9:47
►How do pigment and resin wear out? 14:45
►When paint wears out, is the metal more subject to corrosion? 16:55
►What warranties are available for paint? 19:47

Download and read the MCA white paper on paint finishes for metal here.

Check out Julianne’s blog article on chalking and fading.

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