Can a Homeowner Repaint Their Metal Roof? Paint, Tools, Instructions

Is it possible to repaint your metal roof as a homeowner? What type of paint should you choose, what tools will you need, and what important steps should you be prepared for? In this video, Chris from Edge Façade Restoration joins Thad Barnette to discuss when a homeowner can take on their metal roof restoration project on their own and when it may be best to hire a professional. They also cover what products are available for homeowners to purchase for their DIY project and what considerations they should keep in mind when preparing and completing the repaint.

Topics covered:

► Intro 00:00

► Can a homeowner successfully repaint their metal roof? 0:19

► When should a homeowner hire a professional to repaint their metal roof? 0:58

► What should a homeowner do before repainting their metal roof? 1:51

► What environmental concerns can affect paint performance on a metal roof? 4:15

► Can saltwater affect a metal roof paint system? 4:59

► What tools does a homeowner need to apply paint to their metal roof? 5:36

► How long does it take to repaint a metal roof? 6:33

► How do you protect your metal roof in between paint installation periods? 6:59

► How are factory applied vs. air-dried coatings for metal roofing different? 8:29

► Can a homeowner repaint just a section of their metal roof? 10:07

► Can a homeowner receive a warranty after repainting their metal roof? 11:25

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