Are Metal Roofs Fireproof? Metal Roofing Performance in Wildfire Areas

Are metal roofs fireproof and do they outperform other roofing types in locations prone to wildfires?

Wildfires continue to play a part in the environment in North America and around the world, but how well do metal roofs stand up to that threat? Today on The Metal Roofing Channel, Shane Willis from Sheffield Metals and Jesse Kjelsrud and Thain Cook from Great Northern Metal Co. join Thad Barnette to discuss roof fire ratings and metal roofing performance against wildfires.

Topics covered:

  • Do metal roofs help protect buildings from wildfires? – 00:26
  • Why are metal roofs better than other types of roofs? – 00:44
  • Is there data to show how metal outperforms other roofing types? – 01:12
  • What’s the difference between the product vs. the assembly being fire rated? – 01:44
  • Are metal roofs fireproof? – 03:02
  • What should potential customers know about fire before buying a metal roof? – 04:48

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