How to Get a Paint Warranty From Sheffield Metals for Your Metal Roof

How do you receive a paint warranty from Sheffield Metals for your completed metal roofing project?

Sheffield Metals offers paint warranties through their paint supplier Sherwin-Williams, but how do you receive the documentation when your project is finished? On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Thad Barnette is joined by Kimara Fisher and Matt Stillman of Sheffield Metals to learn what a paint warranty is, how a homeowner receives documentation, and how a contractor can apply for a warranty.

Topics covered:

  • What is a paint warranty and what does it entail? – 0:46
  • Who can apply for a paint warranty and how does the process start? – 1:36
  • Are paint warranties transferrable? – 2:44
  • What else should homeowners know about their paint warranty? – 3:26
  • How long does it take for homeowners to receive paperwork from a contractor post-install? – 3:50
  • What should a contractor think about when applying for a paint warranty? – 4:25
  • How does the fillable form work for the warranty? – 5:00
  • What should a homeowner do if their documentation is delayed? – 5:23
  • What should a homeowner do with the documents they receive? – 5:42

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