Aluminum Roofing Advantages & Disadvantages: Aluminum Roofing Review

How is aluminum used in metal construction and when is it a good choice for my metal roofing project?

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Aluminum dates back to some of the earliest history of metal roofing and has remained widely used throughout the industry, but is it the right material for your roof? In today’s Q&A Monday, Tom Southerland from Sheffield Metals joins Thad Barnette to explain the characteristics of aluminum roofing, how much aluminum costs compared to other metal roofing options, its pros and cons for both contractors and homeowners, and how to decide if it’s the right material for your metal roofing project.

Topics covered:

  • What are the characteristics of aluminum? 1:02
  • Why does the strength-to-weight ratio matter for aluminum installers? 2:42
  • Are aluminum’s lightweight characteristics a concern in terms of durability? 3:08
  • Will aluminum’s corrosion resistance allow it to last a long time? 3:37
  • What color and finish options do you have with aluminum? 4:29
  • How does aluminum compare to steel in coastal applications? 5:25
  • What are the benefits of aluminum for contractors? 6:13
  • What are the benefits of aluminum for home owners? 8:30
  • What are the possible downsides of using aluminum? 9:54
  • How does aluminum compare to steel when it comes to pricing? 11:00
  • When is aluminum the right choice? 11:39
  • Are there other thicknesses of aluminum that Sheffield sells? 12:29
  • What aluminum engineering and testing is available through Sheffield? 13:26
  • What colors are available for aluminum? 13:58

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