Standing Seam Metal Roofing Accessories and Manufacturing Process

In today’s episode, Thad Barnette and Adam discuss accessories used to install a metal roof like underlayment, clips, screws, sealant, etc. They also review how unprocessed material becomes finished panels on your roof.

Topics covered:
►What are the components of a metal roof? 0:32
►How does the metal roofing process work? 3:37

Welcome to Metal Roofing 101, where we take a look at metal roofing components, problems, cost, comparisons and reviews. Thad Barnette interviews experts, visits job sites and answers some of the most common metal roofing questions asked today. Get ready to learn everything you’ll ever need to know about metal roofing!

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Please note the installation details and methods shown in this video are for reference only. Sheffield Metals recommends following their published installation details or for WTW projects following the required details issued and marked approved for that specific project.